Monday, May 4, 2015

Taco Truck Challenge 2015

Hosted by 107.7 The End (Seattle, WA)
At Volunteer Park 5/2

What a great way to spend a lovely sunny day in the Pacific Northwest. Out and about in a beautiful park in Seattle. Tacos, beer, music and sun. Nope, I don't it could have gotten much better, unless the lines for the trucks had been shorter and I had gotten to try all the tacos. Then yes, that could have been better, but I'm not complaining.

The Taco Truck Challenge was a fun time, filled with over 20 trucks of delicious food and sponsored by Bud Light and the Seafair Foundation, waiting in line for some of those delicious tacos was definitely worth it.
While we only had the opportunity to try a couple, the ones we had were... well there are no words, just YUM!

I think my favorite taco that I had, although the fish tacos we had were awesome as well, was the biscuit taco from Biscuit Box, which was a yummy biscuit filled with boa spicy pork and a slaw of a few vegetable.
The pork was delicious, veggies helped by giving a crispy texture, and the biscuit was phenomenal, sweet to go along with the savory and the texture was perfect.
I would definitely recommend you try these if you ever see this truck passing by anywhere!

The other truck I had the pleasure to try was The Grilled Cheese Experience and while this truck had a line down a few trucks or more, it was worth it. For a good price, I got a generous amount of cheesy filled quesadilla goodness, with lamb chorizo and onions. I'm glad I waited in line, it was worth it.

While it doesn't seem like we got to try too many trucks (we didn't, the lines were ridiculous and getting full was easy from just two) it was still an amazing day. Sun shining, even got a slight sunburn on my face from it!

Also got to listen to some music, brought to you by The End, as well as, a performance by Colorworks (a local band) and Wild Party. They put on a good show and had song good songs, but the crowd was more interested in the beer garden and I stayed to hear Outright because I do really like that song on the radio lately.

Not the best show, but for $5 I didn't mind at all! I would say, if you have a chance to go to a taco truck challenge either coming up or to the one they put on next year, go! It's cheap, good eats and invite friends, that would have made our experience better as well.

Thanks, cheers!

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