Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Traveling in Deutchland

Germany in itself, is a great place to travel to due to it's rich culture and copious amounts of beer gardens. There's something about it that keeps you wanting to stay or travel around to neighboring countries because it's close to lots.
I had a great time starting off my EF College Break trip in Munich, although it happened to be a rough start for us. Two bus drivers we were supposed to have from the airport decided to jump ship and not show up (the bus was there for one, but the driver was nowhere to be found).
We also had the luck to be there when it was rainiest. Downpours and thunder storms were the brunt of what we got during our time walking around the city and staying in at our hostel.

Despite the weather, the city was great. With the character of a German village, but the big buildings of a bustling city, it was an interesting mixture between decades. It seems as though I noticed that a lot being in Germany and some other places within Europe, but it doesn't make the experience any less memorable.

Our first night there, mind you this was after a little over 11 hours of flying time, we were so tired! We stayed at the nice A&O Hostel there, a little ways out of downtown, but close enough in proximity and we walked around to see what was there and how to get around.

Anyways, we spent the rest of the night, well...resting. Sleeping mostly to get ready for the next day, where we walked around the actual city of Munich, getting drenched by rain and trying our best to find cool places to see. We ended up not finding our larger group in time to get a walking tour of the city, but our organization hadn't really been great up to this point.

Our welcome mixer was held at a local beer garden AugustineKeller (yes, I did drink beer!) and the food they provided was delicious, light fare but hit the spot nonetheless. It was nice to just be there, to be surrounded by people you could get to know that were there for the same reasons. Getting away, having a good time, making new friends, and to be in EUROPE. Yes, I love Europe, so sue me. It's amazing the amount of countries bundled up and ready to visit.

We also took a nice little day trip over to visit Neuschwanstein Castle, a gloriously huge castle outside of Munich that was used in Sleeping Beauty? (Don't quote me on that). It's a cool castle in the architecture and the views. We had a nice tour followed by the gift shop and the trek back down to the small city below. It was a nice site to see along our way!

The next day was full of traveling, on our way to Italy but stopping in Austria for a quick stop in Innsbruck to do a little shopping and to take a break. It was a nice break, a lovely city really. The same kind of charm of Germany in a way and the people were nice.
We got to visit a huge and luxurious Swarovski crystal store before lunch and then we were on our way.

Jumping to the end of our trip! We got back to Germany, this time via traveling through the Black Forest where we given a cuckoo clock demonstration and we ate black forest cake!
We also took pictures in the Black Forest, just to say we had been in it.

Our last place to stay on the trip was Frankfurt (here), same German feel, but more to take in and see, especially since the rain held up for us in this city.
We enjoyed walking around here, taking in the city and enjoying the food. We even stopped off at a local club for some late night dancing (Club Gibson), which was a blast!
Heidelberg was where our journey took us on our day trip from Frankfurt, where we surveyed the town, bought souvenirs and ate crepes. We strolled up to the ruined castle to take pictures and to taste some wine, where we got to see the largest wine barrel in the world! This was a fun day trip for us and we had a good time together, as newly found friends at the end of their journey.

Our last dinner, which was delicious and so much food, was at a nice restaurant in the city called Binding - DerGasthof. Delicious food served in 3 courses: soup, meat, and dessert!

It was a nice way to end the trip, lots of food and sleep before waking up extremely early in the morning to catch my first plane to Paris and then wait for my next back home.

Germany had a lot of great things going on for it, the food, the culture and the sites.

More to come from the rest of the trip soon!

Cheers and safe travels!

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