Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Top Jobs for the Travel Life - My version

Traveling is my passion, whether I am on an adventure at the moment or not. Most of the time, it tends to be not, because of the work-life flow I have created for myself, at a stable, location dependent job.

I would love to pack my bags and be off, independent, working but not tied down to one place.
If you're like me, you've gone through the reality of this process in your head and how it just won't quite work yet.
I may only be 24, but I'm young and I want to get the hell out of here. Not that I don't love the PNW, but I just want to explore, adventure is out there.


So I have 8 to 5 job, for now, compensating me for working on the regular, giving me benefits that are helpful.

If I had the life I wanted and could afford to drop everything to do right now, here are the top careers or job choices I would go with:

1. Travel writer/blogger.
Now let's start here, because we all know, if you're reading this, is that this is the dream. The fantasy of my life in which I could grasp tighter and tighter till it would never let me go. But sadly, I know for a fact I am not a great writer and my blog tends to bring in a whopping 20 views a week... maybe.
This is the dream job I wish I could have, but have no idea how to attain with my lack of skill, knowledge and basic lack of travel I have going on right now. It's top on my list and hopefully I'll get there. Slowly but surely.

2. Consistent globetrotting house sitter.
Again, dream job. I've looked into a couple of sites like MindMyHouse and Trusted House Sitters both of which seem great and worthwhile. I've heard some horror stories about people house sitting abroad, but have also heard the reverse of it. I think it's mostly about finding the right fit and making sure communication beforehand goes well with the people you're helping out. It seems like these sites make take time for you to get noticed, but it's probably worth it.
Staying at a country villa in Tuscany, sipping on some wine, watching the dogs and cats would be lovely, especially when you have the house all to yourself, right?

3. Teaching English Abroad
This has been a top contender for awhile and I have come close to going for it a couple times now, but timing just has been against me and my bank account has been crying to accumulate more funds before I leave.
I would love to teach English, I am not an accredited teacher though. I speak English fluently, but that will really only get me so far. Companies like English First or sister sites from there will help you get TEFL certified and then situate you in a spot of the country you choose. You get paid, are on contract and you get to teach. Downside is you have to pay to rent a place usually and you have to be somewhere maybe longer term than what you're hoping for. I wouldn't mind it though, it's definitely on my radar.

4. Online data entry/administrative assistant
I am already an administrative assistant, I just happen to have to sit at a desk all day and type into a computer from that location (although it probably could be remote from where ever I please) that's just how it works. My job is somewhat easy, stress levels are moderate although high at certain times of the year. If I could work and travel, it would be perfect, but alas, my current situation has not permitted it.
There are sites like Freelancer and such that you can do sign up to work for whatever skill set you have. I haven't quite gotten into that competition game yet, because that's basically what it is and my competition level is low when it comes to work. It's a good option if that's what you're looking for though and could be a great source of money.

5. Vet assistant
I have worked with animals for the past few years and been around them all my life. My other real big dream job would be to travel and assist in a non-profit for animals, shelters, rescues, refuges, etc. Sadly, a lot of the places I've looked only take volunteers or only hire people who are residents of the country the organization is in. I am always constantly searching though and if I find anything remotely awesome in this area of work, I will post it here.

All in all, there are a lot of other options besides these. If you love history or are great at retaining info about specific places, you could be a tour guide or a real estate agent. Flight attendants get to travel a lot, while being off the ground a lot as well, but could be a cool option.
The world is waiting for you and for me. While my life may not be ready to let me go from what I'm doing currently, I'm always looking for the out that will take me away.

If you have suggestions, options, comments or ideas, post them! I would love to hear from you!

Cheers and safe travels!


  1. Travel blogging is my dream too, but I know it is a lofty goal, so I've settled on being a flight attendant for the time being. A pretty good gig if you love to travel as much as I do!

    I see you live in Seattle too. Happy to connect!