Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Work and Travel - Vacation Time

If traveling were free, we would all be doing it, wouldn't we?
Just goes to show how much planning and money go into just one short trip. While being spontaneous can be a major upside when traveling, being analytical and OCD about budget and welfare can take you back a couple steps.

Through my real work-life journey, I've realized one thing: Travel for me, takes time and money I don't have until I do.
I work a regular 8 to 5 shift at my office job, where I spend my time waiting for the next chance to plan a big trip or a couple small ones for the year based on my vacation time I'm accrued.

This is not the ultimate means for how I want it to be. Honestly, I wish I could just drop everything and head to Morocco or New Zealand to take some time away, but sadly, my world and the worlds of so many others, doesn't work like that.

I don't make a living based on the writing I do, nor do I have an opportunity to get a job that is remote or location independent any time soon. Therefore, I have to work, 8-5, to get that money and accrue that time.


It does give you something to look forward to planning every year, but hell, that's not how I want my life to be.
I want to be traipsing around the world, with a nice backpack full of my stuff and ready to go to the next destination on my well thought out map.
Travel, being it a passion of mine, has to take a back seat to the real life struggle of being in my 20's and not having any money. Being in debt for the community college AA degree I got 4 years ago and having to pay bills just adds on to the stress of life.


None of this means I never stop planning. I constantly have a list of possible itineraries on the back burner. Lists of Airbnb rentals to look at and faun over, looking at flights to get budget ideas, and constant additions to my bucket list that I hope I will get to fulfill someday.

Each step I take in the mundane life I have at the moment, is set to bring me closer to the dreams I have before me, the ones I'm constantly aware of in the back of my mind, pulling me towards them with their ever present vision.


Adventure is something I strive to be apart of in whatever way I can. So short day trips here and there will suffice for now and not break the bank for the bigger trip around the world I'm gearing up for in my life.
It'll happen. I'm not entirely worried. I would just rather it be sooner than later is all!


Cheers and safe travels everyone! Hope to see you out there one day :)

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